We build on what you started.

We build on what you started.

Featheringill Capital is an operator-led investment firm with a passion for acquiring high-quality businesses and making them even better.

The next chapter in your company’s story.

We care deeply about every company in which we invest and are determined to make each one a success. No company is disposable or marginalized. They all matter. What’s more, we invest for the long-term. We don’t flip companies; we grow them.

We're also committed to fairness, equity and respect for business owners and their employees. We are not ego-driven or trying to squeeze every last dollar out of a company. We negotiate fairly with owners, keep them involved if they choose and dedicate ourselves to the continued success of the company they started.

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Honoring and continuing your hard work.

Firm Strategy

Featheringill Capital

Acquire small number of great companies and invest significant time and funds in long-term growth

Typical Equity Firm

Acquire a wide portfolio of companies and balance wins with losses

Strategic Acquirer

Focus on core business, acquire customers, reduce staff to drive profitability

Individual Investor

Purchase a lifestyle business to create family wealth

Investment Time Frame


3 to 5 years




All equity capital provided directly by team members, debt capital provided through various lending relationships

Large endowments and pension funds with high return threshholds

Cash available, additional debt or stock

Limited personal wealth and uncertain funds

Decision Making

Decision makers are working on each deal from the start

Investment committees make final decision with limited interaction

CEO or board approval received only at the very end of the process

May raise outside capital, which adds uncertainty


Experienced, ego-free operators

Financial experts

Focused on cost savings to drive profitability and do things their own way

Limited team


Build long-lasting legacy for company, construct teams, add controls and structure

Operationally focused on short-term gains to flip businesses

Merge operations into existing infrastructure and teams

Limited operational value

Speed of Process

3-6 months - Very fast due to experienced team, full-time focus on acquisition and committed capital

3-6 months - Fast due to experience, focus and available funds

6-12 months - Slow process with multiple approvals required and potential for strategic distractions

6-12 months - Slow process due to inexperience and limited time commitment


Fun and easy to work with given singular focus on execution

Impersonal approach with a focus on returns

Corporate-first mentality, focused on maintaining their culture and systems


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