You can trust us with your legacy.

You can trust us
with your legacy.

You did the heavy lifting. You poured your heart and soul into starting and establishing your company. And for that, you have our respect.

We are in business to make your company even more successful. We want to apply skills and knowledge to improve efficiencies, streamline processes and expand production. To take what you started and keep the momentum going.

How We Work

It might sound a bit naïve for the business world, but at Featheringill Capital, we believe in the Golden Rule. In treating people fairly and with the respect they deserve — the way we would like to be treated if the roles were reversed. Over the years it has served us well and fueled our success.

We respect you and your legacy, and we will work hard to get you a deal that makes sense for both of us, including the role you want going forward. We don’t ever send in a team of strangers. You deal directly with us. You sell to us. You get us. It’s never a stressful or painful transition. Because you’ve earned it, and we’re in it for the long haul. Our goal isn’t to show you how we can run your company better. Our goal is to use our expertise to carry on your legacy and create shared success for everyone — you, your employees and our firm.

Conner and Austin working on laptops.
Bill working.

What We Don’t Do

First and foremost, we don’t have to have investors. We are operator-led and invest our own capital. We do not invest in other people’s acquisitions or real estate deals. We are solely focused on our companies. They get our full attention and resources.

Our Core Values

  1. 1. Do what we say we are going to do.
  2. 2. Understand first and then build solutions.
  3. 3. Own our results.
  4. 4. No egos allowed.

Meet Our Team

Liz Pharo

Liz Pharo

Managing Partner

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Bill Fox

Bill Fox

Managing Partner

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Conner McCabe

Conner McCabe

Director of M&A

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Austin Yokley

Austin Yokley

M&A Analyst

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Emily Clemen Vick

Emily Clemen Vick

Director of Administration

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Bill Featheringill

Our Inspiration

We were founded to honor and build upon the legacy of Bill Featheringill. A native of Birmingham, AL, Mr. Featheringill was a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Engineering and proudly served with the U.S. Navy SEABEES in Okinawa, California and Vietnam. After his service, he earned a law degree and MBA from Columbia University. In 1973, he returned to Birmingham and he co-founded Private Capital Corporation, which specialized in private investment in small companies. Before the term "serial-entrepreneur" was created, he founded, led and exited Complete Health, MACCESS, SuccessEHS and Momentum Telecom. Mr. Featheringill passed away unexpectedly in 2012, but left an indelible mark on countless Birmingham businesses and the greater Birmingham community.